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Product Description

Control a WWII-style plane over 32 vertically scrolling levels over sea and land. Shoot various types of enemy planes. Collect a variety of weapon power-ups.

The sequel to 1942. Missions are flown alternately in the clouds against enemy planes and over water where you must also disable enemy ships.

Your character moves on a screen full of boxes. The aim is to either collect dots or paint all the paths to fill in the boxes, avoiding the chasing Amidars and Trackers.

This is a variation on an early ball and paddle video game where the paddle moves left and right at the bottom of the screen and a ball is deflected to hit bricks. Some bricks contain special powers to enhance play.
Bomb Jack

A platform game where the object is to collect bombs. Extra bonuses are awarded for collecting bombs with their fuses lit. When you get killed you drop to the nearest platform always landing on your head.
Burger Time

Peter Pepper the chef moves around the screen walking over the parts of a hamburger. As each item is walked over it drops to the level below. Armed with pepper he can throw on his enemies, he must avoid Mr. Hotdog, Egg, and Pickle.

The player controls a gun that can only move in the bottom fifth of the screen. Theaim of the game is to shoot a centipede that works its way down to the player area through a field of mushrooms. Other attacking enemies are fleas, spiders, and scorpions.
Crush Roller

You control a paintbrush to paint paths in a maze. The player is harassed by two fish which can be temporarily destroyed by running them over with a paint roller. A critter leaves footprints on painted areas which must be repainted.
Dig Dug

Dig tunnels underground and use an air pump to inflate and blow-up your enemies. You can also drop rocks on your foes. Dislodge two rocks and a bonus fruit or vegetable will appear in the center of the screen. A level ends when all the enemies have been destroyed.
Dig Dug II

You control a space-suited figure carrying a pump and a drill that moves around a horizontal scrolling island avoiding Pookas and fire-breathing dragons. Drill on 'fault lines' and sink parts of the island to kill the bad guys or pump till they pop! ....


Try and get your frog from one side of the road, over the river and into your home. To complete a level you must dodge cars, jump on logs and alligator backs while avoiding snakes, alligators, and otters..........


As a spaceship moving left to right at the bottom of the screen, shoot up at enemies as they enter, assemble in formation and fly down at you. If you allowed an alien to capture one of your ships in its tractor beam, you could shoot the foe later and double your fire power!
Galaga 3

Another shooting game in the Galaga series in which you can capture the enemies and make them work with you if you hit the queen ship when it dives. This isn't a widely known release, which is a shame because it does have some excellent gameplay features.

Rapid space shooter classic. Galaxian took Space Invaders to the next level. You must shoot the aliens and their boss. Here are some tips for shooting the aliens: kill the boss and his two escorts, then shoot them when they are doing a somersault.

A shoot-em-up that takes place through the Earth's solar system where the player's ship moves in a circular orbit around the outer edge of the screen while shooting at enemies in the center. Features an excellent synthesizer music score of Bach's "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor".

With an overhead view of the table, you play a billiards variant with just six pool balls. The game is challenging with precise control over the aim and velocity of your shots. You aim your shots by moving a dot clockwise and counterclockwise around the bumper edge of the table.
Jr Pac-Man

Jr. Pac-Man must eat all the dots in a maze in order to advance to the next stage. He's chased by ghosts but can eat them while powered up after eating one of six large dots. Bonus points are awarded for eating the fruits and snacks that appear around the maze.
Juno First

Juno First is a vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up where you pilot a space fighter through waves of aliens, using warps and the "mystery" to escape danger and gain extra points. Aliens mutate into more dangerous forms the longer they survive to create a fast paced game that needs a strategy as well as fast fingers.
King & Balloon

Space Invaders meets Robin Hood! You control a crossbowman who fires at squads of descending hot-air balloons. You must protect the king and prevent him from being carried up into the sky.
Lady Bug

You control a Ladybug that moves around a maze eating dots while avoiding poison and pursuing insects. The maze has revolving doors that can be used to thwart the insects.

You are a mouse in a house of burglar-cats intent on recovering their stolen loot. You get from floor to floor by jumping on trampolines. Various doors are your only defense against the cats.

Armed only with a bow and arrows, you, as the "Archer", must fire through through a garden of enormous mushrooms to hit the giant millipede who steadily crawls right toward you. Single heads shoot out from the sides of the play field!
Moon Cresta

Aliens swarm at the top of the screen, swooping down on your spacecraft. Your craft begins with three segments, one deployed at a time. After the "insect" and "fireball" levels, you are able to attempt docking the segments together.
Mr Do!

You're a clown who moves around a maze. Dig new paths to avoid monsters and collect cherries. Kill monsters with a 'powerball' or drop apples on them. Kill them all or eat all the cherries to go up a level. After every three levels there is an intermission with Mr Do.
Mr Do's Castle

Mr Do!, the clown, moves around six floors interconnected by ladders. Some fixed, some whose top can be pushed left or right. Baddies look like unicorns. Use a hammer to knock out stones.
Ms Pac-Man

Ms Pac-Man must eat all of the dots in the maze in order to advance to the next level. She's chased by killer ghosts but like Pac-Man she can eat them while powered up after eating one of four large dots.

A maze game where a snake nibbles pieces of food in its path. The snake grows longer every time it eats and if it runs into itself, it crashes and starts all over again. Eating all the food on the screen moves to the next level..

A yellow, pie-shaped character named Pac-Man runs along inside a maze, eating dots as it avoids four ghosts. Each ghost has its own personality and gobbling one of the four super dots makes Pac-Man invincible to the ghosts for a given period of time. Each maze has its own unique bonus fruit or object with bonus points increasing as the game progresses.
Pac-Man Plus

The game is nearly identical to the original with only a few differences. A yellow, pie-shaped character named Pac-Man runs along inside a maze, eating dots as it avoids four ghosts. Each ghost has its own unique personality and gobbling one of the four super dots makes Pac-Man invincible to the ghosts for a given period of time.

You are a cute little penguin in a maze of ice-blocks. Slide the blocks to squash the Sno-Bees chasing you or electrocute them by trapping them along a wall. Score 10,000 points for aligning three special diamond blocks. Bonus points are awarded for finishing a level quickly. The game's music is very catchy and you will never get it out of your head, we promise you that!

Your ship moves left and right at the bottom of the screen as you destroy bird-shaped spaceships, birds, and finally a mothership at the end of each level. The player's ship is equipped with a shield that requires seven seconds to regenerate after use.
Pinball Action

Video pinball. Plays just like a pinball machine.There are various tables as you progress through the levels. Control the flippers and strike the ball just like a real pinball table. There are many bonuses to strike and win.

An original mind game that really gets you thinking sharp. Draw boxes to claim as much screen as possible without getting in the path of the "Qix" and "Sparx". Draw slower for more points and hope that you have enough coins. Simple but very addicting!

You control a spaceship that must infiltrate the enemy Scramble system in this side-view classic that calls for rapid gameplay.. Player must destroy the Base at the end of the system. Gameplay is further complicated by the player's ship's consumption of fuel.
Shaolins Road

This is a platform based Kung-Fu game. Your Kung-fu player jumps around multiple floor levels, kicking opponents while collecting power-ups and bonus items. You can defeat (by way of three kicks) the board "boss" and move onto the next level.
Space Invaders

The original space alien vertical shooter game. Move your tank back and forth along the bottom of the screen and shoot endless waves of aliens marching down towards Earth. Shoot the flying saucer for extra points. Listen out for the deflection shot noise on the fifth wave.
Space Panic

You control an astronaut who ventures through caverns beneath a planet. Climb ladders and move from floor to floor avoiding alien creatures. Trap the aliens by digging holes for them to fall into and then hit them over the head to eliminate them.

Move a paddle back and forth at the bottom of the screen to rebound a ball back into a brick wall, knocking bricks out one by one. This game comes with three different game types to keep you interested in this bat and ball classic.
Super Cobra

Very much like Scramble. A helicopter flies horizontally through 10 levels, with different enemies on each level, and finally a base where it must capture the booty and escape. A game can be continued where it left off. Catchy theme music adds to the gameplay..
Super Pac-Man

In this 1982 addition to the series, Pac-Man must eat keys to open doors which will allow him to eat fruits and prizes, not dots.
Tank Battalion

A maze game where the player controls a tank and battles enemy tanks that pursue and attack, while defending your base.
Time Pilot

Your single jet fighter shoots down waves of WWI Biplanes, WWII era fighters, 1970's era helicopters, 1980's era jets, and futuristic UFOs.
Van-Van Car

Your car is equipped with a front mounted needle whose purpose is to pop balloons in the maze, while attempting to dodge the red, blue, and green cars who are out to stop you clearing the screen.

Control a fighter with guns and bombs that must infiltrate a highly defended area and destroy everything in sight. Overall goal is to wipe out the motherships that pop up periodically.

Pilot an attack shuttle destroying fuel tanks, gun stations, missiles and fighters. The game uses an isometric three-quarters perspective that was a unique concept to arcade games of that era.

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